Big Elf Dog Shirt

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Big Elf Dog Shirt

50 in stock
  • Get your pup ready for the holidays with this Big Elf Christmas Dog T-Shirt in Green!

    • "Big Elf" on shirt
    • Christmas designs
    • Cotton blend dog T-shirt

    Why We Love It: 

    Your pup will love this shirt for Christmas. The Big Elf Christmas Dog T-Shirt will look great when out and about this Christmas and for the month of December.  This adorable silk-screened design features a cute elf hat and the words "Big Elf".  This cute shirt is perfect for parties, Christmas shopping, and photo opportunities. The sleeveless style and comfortable fit will even have your cat begging to wear this stylish Christmas pet shirt. The high-cut tummy will keep your pet clean and dry. Made of poly/cotton blend for comfort. Machine washable.  If you have multiple dogs - Check out Little Elf Christmas Dog T-Shirt and Middle Elf Christmas Dog T-Shirt (sold separately)

    Sizing Information:

    XS - 8" Neck  8" Length  11" Girth

    S - 9" Neck  10" Length  13" Girth

    M - 10" Neck  12" Length  16" Girth

    L - 12" Neck  14" Length  18" Girth

    XL - 13" Neck  16" Length  20" Girth

    XXL - 14" Neck  18" Length  22" Girth

    XXXL - 18" Neck  20" Length,  24" Girth