Hi! We're Furbabeez!

We are a lifestyle brand for people who love online shopping and who absolutely love their pets.
We source and design gorgeous products for your furbabies, including clothes, beds, bowls, toys and accessories.   We want your life to be filled with cool stuff for you and your pets to enjoy.  If you want to express your pets unique personality, then you are in the right place. To make sure you have fun visiting our store again and again, we are continually updating our products to reflect the latest trends and our own personal brand of whimsy.
So come and browse, imagine, enjoy and buy.

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What inspires us at Furbabeez


Our furbaby family is all about having fun and enjoying the furry things in life.  You haven't lived until you have seen your pooch in a Hawaiian Shirt or your pussy cat lounging in a four post bed. 


We love beautiful things and we know you do too. We search for suppliers that make gorgeous products that will look amazing on your pet or in your house.  If it isn't insta-worthy, it isn't Furbabeez worthy.

Social Conscience

Who said things can't be beautiful and also save the planet.  Not us!  Our absolute favorite finds are products that have a great story. If it's Fair Trade, Eco-Friendly, or supports a cause, we want to know about it.