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The Modern Rules about Dog Hawaiian Shirts

The Modern Rules about Dog Hawaiian Shirts

Instagram is full of the cutest looking pups, styled up in the newest fashion trends.  So we are going to give you some advice on how to pull off the ultimate lazy hazy days of summer look, the bold dog Hawaiian Shirt. Today we are helping you find the shirt that fits with your dog, or your dog shirt nirvana if you will.  

There are many names for the Hawaiian Shirt.  Some of them call it the Aloha Shirt.  Some call it the dog shirt for a vacation.  But whatever term you use to refer to the hibiscus and palm tree delight with a repeating island pattern, you know that your dog can't strut his four paws into summer without one. 

Dog Shirts have been all the rage now for dogs of all sizes, shapes and fur-styles, and the all the stylish pooches on the Instagram track to fame have embraced the Hawaiian look.  But if there is one thing that we know, your pooch doesn't need to have as many followers as Harry Styles, to rock out in an amazing full bright patterned dog hawaiian shirt. So if your dog has a touch of that star-quality and had the blue steel pose down pat since they were merely a pup, we are urging you to get into this summers most widespread trend. It doesn't matter if the shirt is a bold, bright, eyeball extravaganza, match it with the right furry friend and you have the look of a star. 

And if your pooch is a girl fur baby, there are cute dog Hawaiian dresses so that she can express her unique style and look. So whatever the dog, the summer Hawaiian look is one that they can use to look cool and fashionable for the warmer months. 

Your formula for selecting the perfect dog Hawaiian shirt should go like this:

  1. Take the background color of your patterned shirt and see if it is the right color for your dog's fur. For example, a light colored pooch with a colored -background shirt will look awesome, whereas a dark colored dog could pull off a white background shirt.  You want this look to stand out, so contrast is the way to go.

  2. Choose an accent color in your patterned shirt and find the perfect dog leash in that color. For example, pair blue or green collars and leashes with a floral shirt that features warm golden highlights on the edge of the petals.

The secret to looking good in a bold Dog Hawaiian shirt is the attitude that you wear with it.

If you're not sure you can do this on your own, don't worry—we have many doggy models styled up in the shirts so you can check out our Instagram feed for dogspiration. Now all you need to do is practice getting your doggy through the armholes and buttoning your shirt snug across the belly and you are ready for a summer inspired dog strut. 

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