How to Correctly Dress A Dog in The Winter

While the weather is still warm at the moment, the cold season will eventually come and we all need to get ready to meet colder weather. It is true that dogs have warmer bodies and are better equipped to withstand colder temperatures, but even so, they could use some protection. You see, dogs that live indoors most of their time are not used to cold weather, needing a bit of extra care from your side.

Many people out there believe that dogs are resilient creatures that rapidly adapt to their surrounding environment. This is true, but we cannot compare a Chihuahua or Maltese with a Saint Bernard. The large body and thick coat of Saint Bernard will keep the dog safe against bad weather, but smaller dogs, dogs with short coats, and indoor dogs could use some extra protection. If you do this right, putting clothes on your dog will not be exaggerated. Most certainly you will not enjoy seeing your companion shivering in the cold.

When do dogs need to be dressed?

Like mentioned earlier, not all dog owners think that dogs require any kind of clothing. However, getting a dog used to living indoors, since it is a puppy, will make it more sensitive to cold temperatures. Also, the way a dog can adjust or handle low temperatures depends on the breed, size, and age of the dog. If a dog feels uncomfortable due to cold weather, it may refuse to go outside if the weather is bad.

Believe it or not, there are dog breeds that can be cold inside the house as well. Toy breeds are, in particular, more sensitive to cooler temperatures. The Toy Maltipoo, for instance, is an adorable small dog that can be an ideal companion, if you take good care of it. This means to keep it safe on both cold and hot weather. You should get your hands on Toy Maltipoo puppies information before you actually get one, making sure that this dog actually fits your requirements and lifestyle.

If you notice your dog shivering when you’re outside or curling up tightly indoors, it means that the air’s temperature is uncomfortably low. In this case, a jacket or sweater can make the dog feel more comfortable.

How to choose a proper coat or sweater for your dog

First of all, you need to know the right size. How to get that information? Well, you will have to measure your dog. There are three measurements you need to make in order to get the right size for your dog’s clothes. Measure your dog from the shoulders to the tail, then around its chest, and, finally, around the neck. These values will help you pick clothes that will fit your dog. Still, if you have a Dachshund, for example, you will need extra caution when purchasing clothes. These dogs have a spine that is longer than average, so regular clothes may be short for this particular breed.

Then you have to consider how you will use the clothing item. Do you need something for snowy weather or rain? Or you need something soft and light for cooler temperatures? There are coats destined to be used on various types of weather. So, if you need something that is water-proof, then you should direct your attention toward that kind of items. Sweaters, on the other hand, are more suitable for indoors or when the weather outside is slightly colder.

Take a good look at the material

While designs are created to make our dogs look cute, you should consider functionality above everything. If you have a small dog with a short coat and you’re looking for a coat suitable for winter, one with a warm, insulating material will be a great option. In case you need something for indoors or for autumn, when it’s not raining, a clothing item made out of a soft material will do.

Also, consider maintenance issues as well. How often will you need to wash that particular clothing item? Make sure the material won’t feel itchy on the dog’s skin, while it is wearing it. For this, you will have to touch the item yourself and take quality into account. It should provide an adequate degree of protection while being comfortable for your dog and easy to clean. Thus, a bit of shopping around is never a bad idea.

So, before getting a dog, you should have this aspect in mind as well. Toy dog breeds are adorable, but they tend to be more sensitive than other breeds, especially when it comes to low temperatures. Also, a short-coated dog may be easier to maintain, but it will definitely need extra protection in the winter, as its coat will not provide sufficient insulation from the cold. 

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