How Dog Sunglasses are Bringing Sexy Back

How to get your dog to wear sunglasses? Well, the first dog sunglasses or doggles were worn by working dogs who needed to keep debris and dirt out of their eyes for safety, but now the idea of dog sunglasses can be as much for fashion as for function! Fortunately, with our range of dog sunglasses and doggles, you don’t have to choose between style and function. You can maximise your doggy style and keep it sexy whilst also protecting your dog's eyes through our distortion-free 100% UVA/UVB lenses. With a bit of practice, your dog will be a sunglasses-wearing natural. Once they get used to the head straps and the feeling of pressing on their nose, they will appreciate the lack of wind and harsh sun in their eyes. 

And for Fashion? Learn about how to style your dog sunglasses below.

How to Style and Wear your Dog Sunglasses:

1) Find the perfect sunglass shape that suits your pooches face.

There are many different dog sunglasses and doggles on the market and they vary in size and shape. Take a look at your dogs face to determine which will be the best style of dog goggles for your pupper. For a flatly face shaped dog like a pug, traditional human-like sunglasses will work as they don't have a protruding nose.  For long dog snouts, dry a pair of doggles that look more like swim goggles and have a deep set eyecup for comfort.  Need help? You can always send a message to the friendly Furbabeez staff to get a recommendation. Email here. 

Doug the Pug - Dog Sunglasses Style

2) Groom the eye area and find the right dog goggle straps

If you have a big ball of floof or even a small ball of floof, excess dog fur and hair around the eyes will be irritating and not at all comfortable for your dog when you put on their pair of doggles.  It is best to give the eye area fur a little trim prior to putting on the dog sunglasses or dog goggles so that your dog has a really good first experience.  Also, some dogs will like the under chin and behind the head strap as this will be the best way to secure the dog goggles on your puppers head.  Others will prefer the back of the head and under the ears style.  And if you have a poodle or poodle cross, they can usually wear regular human style arms because they tuck neatly into the hair.  You can secure with a hairpin if needed. 

3) Suit it Up with the right outfit for your dog sunglasses

If your dog is a bit Dog Draper, then a suit with their sunglasses will look sensational.  You can try a collar and tie or go the whole haul and find a shirt/jacket combo with a tie to match the sunglasses.  As you can see from the Huskies below, this is a great look!

Or if your dog is more of a casual canine, try a dog Hawaiian shirt or a biker dog tee shirt for a more urban look.  Afterall, the perfect pair of dog sunglasses demands the perfect outfit. 

Huskies in Dog Sunglasses

4) Be Safe. Dog Goggles on vehicles

If you and your pooch like to zoom around town on a bike or scooter, then a good pair of dog goggles is a must! Because your dog's eye safety is involved, it is best to invest in a more expensive pair of doggles, ones that have shatter-proof lenses and anti-fogging lenses. Also, if the doggles are likely to get scratched or damaged regularly, you can buy a pair with replaceable lenses to save some extra cost. These types of dog goggles are also perfect for the dog who hangs their head out the window of a car.  They will stop any dirt, debris or other hazards harming your dog's eyes. 

Maltipoo on bike in doggles

5) Dog Sunglasses for fashion only

Just like how the hoomans wear their sunglasses without actually wearing them, hooked onto outside pockets or shirt collars to accessorize an outfit and make a style statement without actually ‘wearing’ them, your dog too can wear their dog sunglasses without actually wearing them. If you are looking for a pair of dog fashion sunglasses, you can play around with outrageous styles and colors for an Instagram pic and then put them right back on the shelf and see how many likes your dog gets! 



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