Converse Dog Shoes you want on your paws.

Once upon a time, you would never see a dog in shoes, but now there are so many amazing brands available with different sizes and styles to suit every dogs personality. Whether its the snow bootie that is non-slip and fleece line to protect your dogs paws from the frost, or the silicone boot to protect your dogs paws from hot pavements in the summer, one thing is for certain, dog shoes are positively paw-esome!

One of the stand out favourites in the dog shoe range is undoubtedly the Converse Dog Shoe, which comes in a range of styles and colors. Most people would buy the "Dog Cons" for their pooch because of the iconic styling.  A shoe look that has been around since the early 1900's, Converse is a brand that is casual, contemporary and cool.  Perfect for the pooch that hangs out at the skate park or in the mall. 

What you may not know, is some of the cool features that make the doggy range of Converse shoes, the type of shoe your pooch wants to have on their paws.  Here are just a few. 

1. Grip Rubber Soles

The Converse doggy sneakers are the perfect non slip dog shoe, because they fit so snug and have a great rubber tread that won't mark the hardwood floors, but will make them easy for your dog to manoeuvre in. If your dog struggles with the soft furry paw pads slipping on tiles and floor boards, this could be the ideal solution for you. Great for preventing slipping and unwanted accidents in the home. So if you are looking for great indoor dog shoes, the "Dog Con's" will do the job nicely. 

2. Adjustable Laces

For the same reason why laces have been a winner on hooman sneakers for over 100 years, laces are great for getting the right fit on your dog shoe, especially on varying dog shaped paws. This is essential for making sure that the dog shoe will stay on. Whilst you can get a good fit with velcro, particularly if you have a few tabs, nothing beats the adjustable sneaker lace to get a snug and comfortable fit. The laces will accomodate differences in paw pad size compared with ankle size and stop the dog shoe from slipping around the paw.  If your dog is not used to wearing shoes, (and let's face it, not many are!), a good fit will go a long way to helping your dog feel more at ease with the weird rubber and canvas extension on their paws. 

3. Sturdy and Long Lasting

If humans are rough on their shoes, then dogs would be at least 4 times rougher on theirs.  At least.  Dog booties are great for protecting from the snow and slush, however if the terrain is a bit rough, you will go through a few pairs of dog snow booties during the winter walks.  The thick rubber sole on the converse dog sneakers are really long lasting and robust for outdoor walking.  Plus, they have the added benefit of providing protection from rocks and debris which may harm soft paw pads and cause your dog pain.  These dog sneakers will transition well into the summer time as well, keeping the hot pavements from burning your dogs paws.  It is great to have a shoe that will last from the winter into the summer and even back again.

4. The Shape maketh the Shoe

Unlike us bipeds, the dog paw is nearly perfectly straight and with very little shape to make a dog shoe stay on.  That's why if you have seen a dog attempt booties or socks, before too long they have rolled down and are trailing and falling off the end of the paw.  If you are planning to use your dog shoes for an outdoor walk to protect your dogs paws from either the frost or the heat, the last thing you need is your dog losing one of the four or more. The Converse Dog Shoe will stay in the general shape of a shoe, even if it gets wet in the rain of the snow.  This is a most useful feature and will prevent you from having to stop and tend to slipping dog paw-wear. 

5. Urban Chic

Just like you appreciate a cool sneaker, your dog will look fashionable and on point in a converse dog sneaker, with the bright fashion colours and cool designs.  Some dog booties are all function and no fun, looking like bunched up little baggies on the ends of the dogs paws.  Wouldn't your pooch rather strut their stuff in a hip and cool converse shoe that stands out in the crowd.  So if you are going to go as far as to put shoes on your dog, go the whole haul and really dress them up.  An iconic looking sneaker is far superior to a floppy dog bootie which looks like Grandpa's socks!

So there are some of the great reasons why we think your dog will want converse dog shoes on their paws. But as they say, the proof is in the pooching, so grab some today and see what your dog thinks of their new and trendy paw-wear. 

 Converse Dog Shoes


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