7 Times your Dog needed Pajamas

So most of you would have read that title and thought, "pajamas for my dog... really?!" and the other half of you would have read it and thought "sign me up?".  But for the first half, once you get a look at your dog in some of the little onesies pajamas, you will be an absolute convert. So cute!!  So stay with us for now and check out some of the cute doggie pajamas that are on the scene and you won't be able to resist some of the options that are just too precious for words.  Once you fully evolve into a pooch in pj's like the rest of the family, there will be absolutely no going back.  One of the great things about dog pajamas, aside from looking super cute, is that if you do sleep in the same bed as your dog, or even if the dog is in their own bed, pajamas can really help with the extra fur and dander that get all over everything.   And think of all the special occasions where a dog in a PJ onsies can shine.  Plus, the kids will think it is really fun, and there will be all those fun family pics to look back on. 
The dog PJ's that we are the most in love with is the range from FabDog, which has not only super cute pajamas for your dog, they also have matching sets for the humans!  Yaaass, matching!! The designs are modern and fun and the fabrics are so cozy and comfortable, that you and the dog won't want to take them off.  Perfect for a lazy Sunday when there is nothing better in the world than a Netflix and Chill.  There will definitely be a picture posted with a #ilovemydogpjs to fill up the newsfeeds and lead to an overflow of online shopping cars everywhere. 
So to get back to the times your dog absolutely needs their doggie pj's, here is a list of all holidays and events that will definitely deserve a pair of super cute dog pajamas to be added to the wardrobe.

1. Christmas Day

We first discovered our dog pj FOMO when some friends of ours decided to do a holiday post on Christmas morning with the whole family around the tree opening presents and sharing family time - including the dog!  So, of course, we absolutely loved the idea because our dog is so much a part of the family, there is no way that he could be left out of the family traditions. Could there be possibly a better way to spend Christmas day other than in the comfiest clothes of all time, your jammies?! No way. So when you are chowing down on the cinnamon rolls, eggnog and the delicious aromas of Christmas roast lunch, do it in comfort with the whole family in their pajamas, including the dog. It's a tradition you will grow to love. 

2. Halloween

All the children enjoy getting into their costumes for Halloween and we have always included the dog in the celebrations.  When we are planning the costumes around a theme, we always find a way to get the dog into the Halloween spirit.  Last year at Furbabeez, there was a run on dog costumes and we had pooches from all over the world, strutting their stuff in their Halloween best. And it was adorable. So when you are all done with the trick 'or treating in the fabulous costumes, snuggle up at home and throw on the pj's, get stuck into the candy and make sure you have a few of your favourites in moderation (or not). If you were worried about taking the dog out into the Halloween madness, then a cute pic at home with the kids and the dog in their pj's may be the best way to spend Halloween. 

3. Family Pictures

We have all done the family portraits where everyone is all dressed up and uncomfortable and usually sniggering and fighting, right up until everyone puts on the big smile to get the perfect picture for the mantle.  But why not do away with the stiff and forced family pics, and do a cute portrait with the whole family in their pajamas! How much fun would that be?!  And even if you don't have kids, the portrait with you and the fur babies will look every bit as adorable.  There is just something so natural and relaxed about everyone in their jammies and it is way more fashionable and quirky than trying to style up a family portrait in the activewear. 

4. A new fur baby in the family

There are not many times that are better than when you invite a new furry pal to come and share your home. And the addition of a new fur baby to the family definitely needs to be marked with a special event and a time for everyone to bond.  So when the new puppy arrives, why not have your pooches snuggle in their new bed in their cute jammies.  Dog pajamas come in all shapes and sizes, so you will definitely be able to find a matching set for both the puppy and the dog, if you already have a dog in the house.  And having matching pj's to snuggle up in, will lead to instant connection. 

5. Pajama Day at School

If you have young kids in school, then very likely they have been part of a Pajama Day at school.  And if they haven't, suggest it to the school immediately, because what could be more fun than being allowed to wear your sleepwear outside of the house!  Not much. All the kiddos think PJ day is just the best and when you are doing the school drop off, how much street cred would your kids get if you take in the dog dressed up in their pajamas?  That would take show and tell to the whole next level. So help make your kids the most popular in their class by investing in some doggie sleepwear for fun. 

6. Family Vacation

With the rise of so much dog-friendly accommodation, it is increasingly common to take your pooch on vacation with the family.  Gone are the days when the family goes away and the dog ends up trapped in a kennel, lonely and sad and missing their family. So when the whole family is kicking back in the pet-friendly hotel room and getting some much needed R&R, why not have the dog in their jammies as well.  And if your dog is not usually allowed to sleep on the bed, pop them into their doggy pj's to keep the fur and mess off the sheets and have a chill out day in the big comfy bed. The ultimate way to recharge the batteries and leave the whole family happy and relaxed. 

7. The Sleepover

Even if there is no special occasion or holiday, you can still find an excuse to dress your dog up in adorable sleepwear. Because doggy pajamas are designed with ventilation and with discreet openings for when your dog has to poop, they are both comfortable and easy for your dog to relax in. So if you are heading out to a friends place for a girls night sleepover, or if the kids are having their friends around for a sleepover, make sure the dog is part of the fun. Dress up your dog in their pj's and they will be happy to hang out on movie night, and hopefully even get a little sleep. 

So do we have you convinced yet?  Dog pajamas are undeniably a huge win for the whole family and just all around good fun.  And it is not just about having fun, it is about the connection and getting some really good pics to look back on and have lots of happy memories. Because all pet owners know, your dog is an important member of the family and they like to be included.  So find the perfect pair of dog jammies for your pooch today and start creating some memories. 



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