7 Best Dog Raincoats for Labradors

Dog raincoats are currently in huge demand because no one likes the smell of a wet dog. LOL. And if April showers bring May flowers, then we better get ready for a ton of them, because mother nature has been raining all sorts of precipitation down on us for months now, leaving some doggos a little bit wet around the middle. That said, with a bit of prep work and finding out which are the best dog raincoats for your furry friend, you can both stay dry during even the rainiest day dog walk. As keeping your dog indoors during the wet season is not an option for their physical and psychological health,  a great dog raincoat is a must-have for all responsible dog owners.

Labrador owners know that their precious pups love the water and will welcome any opportunity to get out and splash in the puddles.  While this is super fun for the lab, it's important to make sure to dry off after an outside adventure, especially in older labradors to reduce the risk of pneumonia. It can be difficult to find the right raincoat for a Labrador, as they are larger dogs with good solid bodies. So we have put together this guide of our 7 Best Dog Raincoats for Labradors, to help you find the right raincoat for your dog.  

We've seen so many trends in dog raincoats this year, from transparent ones to high shine, and even the return of the windbreaker. Brands are even thinking outside the box and adding all sorts of features to the raincoats, like stand up hoods and secret pockets for carrying treats. Here, some of the best dog raincoats (and rainwear!) for labradors to wear this season.  And if you are finding that your Labrador is not reacting well to the new raincoat, try some of these helpful tips and tricks on the Labrador Site. 

1. Big Dog Raincoat

Consistently our most popular raincoat for Labradors, the Big Dog Raincoat has all the right features to keep your Labrador dry in the rain. It is lightweight and easy to walk and run, and comes with velcro fasteners to ensure the suit is easy to take on and off. The fitted legs and complete belly covering will keep your dog dry and also most importantly clean, from all the mud and muck that will splash up on a rainy day walk.  The leash hole comes with a flap to prevent leaking and there is a cute hood with a toggle to keep the head dry. Do your Labrador a favor and invest in one of these today.

2. Waterproof Dog Coat Jacket with Reflective Strip

This versatile dog rain jacket is a great compromise for a Labrador who doesn't like the full body suit of a Big Dog Raincoat and needs a bit of extra freedom around the legs. The high cut belly makes going potty easy for both boy and girl dogs and the reflective strip is a good idea for night time walk safety.  There is a little pocket on the back which is waterproof for treats or spare poop bags. The hood can be worn up or down depending on preference. Great for a quick and easy rainy day option.

3. Push Pushi Rainbow Line Dog Raincoat

The Push Pushi Rainbow Line Dog Raincoat is the luxury option in dog raincoats because of the innovative hood design.  If your Labrador has problems with getting water in their ears and you need to keep their head dry, this raincoat is ideal.  Some dogs don't like having a tight hood wrapped around their head, so the Push Pushi raincoat sits up like an umbrella, so it doesn't feel restrictive or prevent motion or impede vision.  Designed with a band around the belly, this raincoat can be adjusted, even if your precious lab has put on a few extra ounces in the winter. 

4. Venture Shell Slicker Dog Jacket 

When you need rain protection, but also a bit of extra warmth for those cooler days when spring hasn't quite arrived and winter is lingering, look no further than the Venture Shell Slicker Dog Jacket with a cozy warm fleece lining.  This rain slicker is great for keeping a dog dry and providing a layer of insulation for cool winds or even snow.  The best thing about this range is that they make lots of larger sizes, which are great for fitting a Labrador.  Some dog raincoats lack the girth to accomodate a fully grown lab, but the Venture Shell Rain Slicker range comes in excellent large size options for full grown Labradors. 

5. Big Dog Transparent Rain Poncho

If you think the idea of a dog in a raincoat looks a bit funny, try the clear option of the Big Dog Transparent Rain Poncho. It is the raincoat your Labrador can wear when they don't want to be wearing a raincoat.  This comfortable and lightweight rain poncho fits well over the top of the dog and will stop all the pesky rainfall, like your own invisible force field. The snap buttons make it easy to secure and there is even a hood to keep your pooches head dry. Like the coat says, if you like the feel of the rain, but don't like getting wet, this is the rain poncho for you. 

6. Pitter Patter Packable Dog Rain Poncho

So what about if it starts to rain after you leave the house for a walk.  Sometimes you need to prepare for all the unpredictable weather and a sudden downpour can leave you and your dog soaked and miserable.  That is where the Pitter Patter Packable Dog Rain Poncho comes in.  These dog rain ponchos fold up nice and neat into a cute little pouch and you won't be caught unawares in a sudden shower.  You can fix the poncho to the lead and off you go out the door with your Labrador for a nice fun walk. If it starts to drizzle, this dog rain poncho is easy to slip on and off for quick rain coverage and protection. 

7. Large Dog Rain Slicker

The last and definitely not the least, this is the best option for a large Labrador, who may need to lose a few of those winter kilos.  This rain slicker goes up to 34" around the chest, so could accommodate up to an 80lb dog.  One of the great features on this coat is the hind quarters area.  While a lot of dog rain coats flare up and the end and can flip up in the wind, this design is curved to hug the butt, so it will stay on nice and snug even in the windy weather. Reflective strips make it great for night time walk safety and there are roomy arm holes around the front paws, which make it easy for walks.  So if your Labrador is carrying a bit of extra weight, try this raincoat and get them out and exercising in the rain to shed those extra pounds.

So that is the round up of our tips for the 7 Best Dog Raincoats for Labradors. For a great example of an all round good boy Labrador in a raincoat, check out the cuteness of @little_coop_the_lab.  If you have any other questions, please email us a contactus@furbabeez.com and we will try to help as best we can. Have fun on your rainy day walks with your Labradors!






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