5 Best Dog Sweaters for Pitbulls

It wouldn't come as any surprise to a Pitbull owner, that Pitbulls are particularly badly suited to the cold.  Like most dogs that have a combination of these three factors; very short coat, little or no undercoat, little or no body fat, Pitbulls can be very susceptible to the cold.  Breeders recommend that for the owners of a Pitbull in a cold climate, these dogs should ideally live inside and should have a jacket or a sweater for chilly winter walks. 

So what type of dog coats would work well for this breed? Firstly, while there is a lot of variation within the breed as to size and weight, one thing that is common is that these dogs all have a stocky muscular build.  Therefore, a dog coat that can accommodate a bigger chest is a must.  Pitbulls tend to be an active type of dog, so they need a coat or sweater that is good for outdoorsy type activities.  And lastly, with their tendency towards playfulness, they would be best suited to coats, sweaters and jackets that have less parts to get caught on trees and shrubs and a good strong area to attach a leash. 

1. Alpine All Weather Dog Coat

This is a great coat for an energetic Pitbull, because it is tough, tough, tough.  The outer layer is made from waterproof polyester, and is designed to be sturdy and easy to clean.  Perfect for a mud loving pitbull enthusiast like Daddy was, Cesar Milan's famous doggy right hand man. And the great news about this coat is that it is particularly roomy in the chest and neck, which is great for the broader shoulders of these dogs.  Fleece lined it provides plenty of warmth and comes in a range of colors and sizes.  Definitely our fav for keeping your Pitbull warm and toasty this winter. 

2. Combo Knit Designer Dog Jacket

When you are looking to dress a breed of dog that is broad in the chest, what could be better than a dog coat that can expand upto 33% in the chest region?  Perfect, right?! Combo knit dog jackets have a cool patent pending feature called, Elasto Fit.  This means that the dog jacket has a relaxed and an extended fit.  So when your pitbull puts this dog coat on, it will comfortably expand out to accommodate the chest and shoulders.  And the best thing is it looks really cool, with a knitted hoodie and fur trim.  It comes in Black and Berry, for the color conscious, and it is a perfectly designed coat for a stocky dog. 

3. Trekking Dog Jacket by Gooby

This dog jacket was made for the sporty pooch! It has a great sleek design and no extra straps or buckles for your dog to get caught on trees and shrubs, when your pitbull is chasing around the park or accompanying you on a hike. The D-Ring attachment for the leash is sturdy and reinforced into the jacket for extra hold.  And the velcro fasteners make it easy to put on and take off.  While this dog coat is not as fancy as some of the other, it does come in a range of colors, so you can customize the coat to your dog's tastes. 

4. Mountaineer Harness Dog Coat

If you are used to walking your pitbull in a harness, this dog coat is a great compromise of part dog harness, part warm puffy jacket. The camouflage print gives this dog puffy vest a tough no nonsense look, and it is waterproof on the outside and fleece lined on the inside for extra warmth.  This is a great dog coat for cutting out the winter winds and has a comfortable high cut belly, so it won't restrict your dog's movement when walking or running. The sizes are good for a medium sized pitbull, but may be a bit small for a larger doggo. While this coat is a bit more expensive to buy, it definitely has the quality to match the price, so if your dog is a bit rougher, this coat will last the distance. 

5. Highline Fleece Dog Coat

This is a great winter dog sweater for the larger sized dog, as the size range can accomodate a dog up to 150 pounds. The Highline Fleece Dog Coat is made from a high quality 280 gram fleece fabric, so it is good for keeping a lean pitbull warm on even the coldest of winter days.  The soft contouring fabric has sleeves to stop the winter winds creeping in.  One thing we love about this dog sweater is that the tabs are along the back, for those times when it is difficult to do up a zipper or a fastener on your dogs belly.  Just open the velcro tabs and drop down to let your dog step out. Easy! This dog sweater has been the most popular for our pitbull friends and is easy to wash and very comfy to wear. 


So that is the wrap up on our 5 best dog sweaters for pitbulls and hopefully there is one in there that your dog will love. Although one of our absolute favourite Pitbulls, Tonka the Concreter, has hung up his high vis vest for the year and is resting up for a big 2018 on the work site, we are hoping that he and the Tonka Army will find a winter wardrobe staple in our list and give it the double paws up! ;)



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