5 Best Dog Dresses for Pomeranians

With a new dog fashion brand launching seemingly every minute, there are more and more designers competing to influence your next dog dress purchase every day. But as you might have noticed, not all outfit posts are created equal and not all dresses are a good fit for a Pomeranian's fluffy round body. Searching for online for dog fashion inspiration, it's not hard to fall into a rabbit hole of dog dress options, ending up wasting hours online, still with no real sense of what dress will elevate your little princesses look, but still be comfortable enough for walking and easy movement. That's why we've rounded up our favorite 5 Best Dog Dresses for Pomeranians, which stand out from the pack thanks to their impeccable style sense, great design, and shape that will accommodate a Pomeranian body. These cute fashion dresses are sure to get the attention even the Pomeranian dog celebrities, maybe even the likes of @jiffpom

1. Powder Blue and Pearls Floral Dog Harness Dress

One of the more luxury options for doggy fashion, the Powder Blue and Pearls Floral Dog Harness is the perfect Sunday dress and your little fur baby will look as pretty as a princess.  The box pleats in the skirt will sit perfectly over the extra floof of fur and make a cute twirly picture for a Pomeranian who likes to flounce.  The pearl button detail adds a touch of class to this dog dress and the crisp white collar and satin box add to the classy, elegant look.  With plenty of room in the neck and the armholes, you can keep your beautiful pom dog groomed extra fluffy and still walk easily in this dress. 

2. Girl Dog Dress - Polka Dot Skirt

Not all dog dress options need to break the bank, as there are plenty of super cute little girly dresses that are inexpensive and still comfortable for your little princess to look her best.  The Girly Dog Dress with Polka Dot Skirt is a cute take on an 80's ruffle skirt and who could resist the back printed with Mommy's Little Love.  Aren't all Pomeranians just loved and adored by their Mama's? The short ruffle skirt makes it easy to walk and is a good fit on a shorter body.  The open ruffles on the sleeves will make the front legs easy for walking and match perfectly with the cute ruffle skirt.  This is a great wash and wear option that will take your pooch from the beach, to the dog park or for a quick drink at a puppy cafe. 

3. Parisian Pet Hearts and Tulle Dog Dress

If ever a dog dress had Pomeranian written all over it, it is the Parisian Pet Hearts and Tulle Dog Dress, which combines a comfy cotton tank with an attached tulle skirt for extra floof and fun.  Make your little princess look like a ballerina in a pretty pink tulle skirt with sparkly hearts printed all over it. The tank top design is great for a fluffy Pom body, because you can adjust the fit and make sure the fur isn't too squashed down. The ruched heart design on the back has lace and pearls inlaid into the design, so this dress looks so elegant and is perfect for a special occasion like a birthday or a summer party. 

4. V-Neck Denim Dog Dress with Neck Strap

It's time to head down to funky town, in this trendy little denim ensemble, designed by the popular dog brand Klippo.  There is a reason why year after year, denim is always in fashion, and this V-Neck Denim Dog Dress is no exception, instantly transforming your dog into a fashionista. The ruffle skirt will sit perfectly over the waist fluff and you can cinch the belt with the velcro band to help keep the dress in place.  The open neck and halter design ensure that there is absolution no restriction to movement around the legs, so if your fur baby doesn't like an enclosed chest on a dog dress, this is the perfection option for you.  The high cute belly makes going potty really easy and there is a D-Ring on the back so the dress can double as a harness. For the ultimate trendsetter look, try coupling the Denim Dog Dress with a 2 x pair of Converse Dog Shoes - Denim and Purple Stars.  Not only do they match perfectly, but the shoes will also keep your puppers paws well protected from hot pavements or sidewalk debris. 

5. Floral Suspender Dog Dress

And last but not least, this super cute Floral Suspender Dog Dress is just about the most darling thing you will ever see. The suspenders are attached over a comfortable cotton shirt and this casual outfit is perfect for everyday wear, but special enough to be worn for a party or a special occasion.  The wide armholes, wide neck and high cut belly add extra convenience for walking and a comfortable design for a Pomeranian body.  The skirt is designed to flip up on the back, so it won't interfere with the back legs or for when your dog needs to go potty. The bright color and floral design add a touch of southern charm to this dog outfit, and your dog can spend a lazy day on the porch basking in the delight of the passers-by and all the neighborhood. 




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