3 Hottest Things in Dog Fashion for Fall/Winter 2017

With the change of season, it is time to find out what are the hottest things in doggie fashion right now. The best place to look for what is hip and cool, are of course the catwalks, or rather dogwalks of the fashion centric cities of the world. The masters of Canine Couture can be found displaying their latest designs during the Pet Fashion Shows of the season. If you have ever been to one of these fashion shows, you will find them so much more fun and interesting that the regular ‘human’ fashion shows which we are used to. The Pet Fashion shows are a time for people to show off their creativity and love of animals, and are used to support worthy causes for animal rights.

 This year, the 14th Annual New York Pet Fashion show had the theme of “Global Couture for Animal Rescue". Whilst not focussing on much daily wearable fashion or things that you would purchase for your pooch to go for their walk, the show brought together designs and themes from all over the world to show the unity and diversity of cultures. The New York Pet Fashion show had participants from Scotland, Italy, Korea, Spain, Egypt, Thailand and Russia. A really great thing about this fashion show was that all proceeds from the show went to the Mayor's Alliance for New York City's Animals. If you want to see some of the awesome designs that were created for the evening, click here. 

However, what we want to know as doggie owners is, what are the hip and cool things that are being worn by fashionista pooches, so we can steal a little bit of their luxury style. Furbabeez has found the 3 best fashion trends for this season that will have your pooch at the top of the neighbourhood best dressed list.

1. Pet Couturier Anthony Rubio, “Night Flowers” Fall/Winter 2017

You couldn’t mistake the style and aura of high fashion when seeing the beautiful creations that were showcased in this extraordinary fashion event. The clothes seemed reminiscent of something that would be seen by Alice when she went down the rabbit hole; mysterious, plush and elegant with a hint of playfulness. The collection drew on inspirations from the European Royalty around the time period of the 1940’s and 1950’s. The Fall and Winter 2017 look for this dog couture brand was all about deep rich colours, embroidery on dark backgrounds and jewelled tones. This is the type of pet fashion that would have humans putting their pooch on a pedestal to be admired. The name of the collection really set the tone of the evening, “Night Flowers”, something elegant and a even a little bit vampirish. 

Of course, with the long trains and ornamented fabrics, these designs are hardly suitable for the friendly neighbourhood pooch. However, we could borrow some of the look for deep coloured bomber jackets, ideal for walks and some nice embroidery on a hoodie. A little bit of inspiration from the high pet fashion circles will definitely add fun and style to your dog’s everyday wardrobe.

If you want to have a look at the full Anthony Rubio collection in all it’s glory, click here 

2. Sniffie Style Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection

Heading across the pond from New York, the Sniffie brand was all the rage during the London Pet Fashion Show, which was the kick off to London Fashion Week and the Furbabeez favourite for this event was a new brand of dog urban outfitters, called Sniffie! The Sniffie collection looked every bit a high street brand, but with a bit more wearability and ease of use than the dramatic and flamboyant Anthony Rubio collection. The dog clothes in this collection were focused on embellished jackets, tartan capes and trendy vests which gave the dogs style and fashion cred, but while still being easy to walk in and maintain the aura of an all round good dog.

This collection featured items including diamante encrusted coats, denim jackets, silky bombers and tartan capes, all beautifully designed and made as luxury statement pieces. Because of the obvious crossovers between what is hip for people being used to create the doggie look book, the fashion brand has clothes for humans to match the dogs. So your doggie companion will also become your number one fashion inspiration. Fancy that!

If you want to see what the Sniffie Style collection has to offer, click here.

3. Monclear Winter Wear 2017

And what discussion about the hottest things in doggie fashion would be complete without a look at the French. This look is a Furbabeez favourite because it is just so well made and nicely tailored, but also something that every dog could invest in as a wardrobe staple. The well known French brand Moncler which specialises in winter wear, has collaborated with the Poldo Dog Couture brand to create a lux range of dog puffy vests for winter. If your dog only has one fashion piece for the winter, a puffy vest for walks would be the most versatile and usable wardrobe item you could buy.

Available in vibrant colors of red and orange and more muted shades of black and navy blue, the collection isn’t quite yet ready for purchase until the weather turns a bit colder. You can buy them from October 2017 onwards, in Moncler boutiques and major luxury department stores worldwide. However, the only thing we are a tad unsure about, is that they are available in only two sizes, so we hope they got the fit just right.

If you want to see the Moncler range, click here 


So there you have it, doggie fashionistas, the Furbabeez Top 3 tips for how to make your dog look stylish and hip for the cooler months in 2017. It is great to see fashion brands creating fun and stylish looks for dogs and we hope you enjoy browsing the dogwalks as much as we have.




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