10 Best Winter Dog Hats for Snowy Walks

Do you love getting outdoors in winter with your pupper? If so, then you know that, just like the rest of your dog's body, their noggin needs protection from cold temperatures, wind, and precipitation at this time of year. But just as with your dog's body core and extremities, how much insulation your head needs depends on ambient conditions like temperature and wind as well as your activity level—how much heat they are producing. And it sometimes seems there are as many choices in headwear out there as there are heads.

So look no further. This review covers the best winter hats for all kinds of outdoor pooches, including small pups like Pomeranians, Chihuahua's and Maltese or big puppers like Husky's, Labs and Goldendoogles, and others who stay active outdoors in the cold months. And if you’re simply looking for a warm hat at a good price, you’ll find those in this article, too.

Hats made for being on the move in temperatures from above to well below freezing vary greatly in breathability, warmth, and wind and weather protection—because needs range widely, depending on your dogs' activity level.

For that reason, here are our top tips for dog hats! And check out other info on how to keep your dog warm in winter!

1. Pom Sweater Dog Hat

This is our most popular winter hat for all types of dogs, for a whole variety of reasons. The woolly knit is perfect for warmth and stays warm even when the hat gets damp in the snow or a light shower. The ear holes are perfect for pointy ears or floppy ears, because the wool ear holes will contour to the shape of your dogs head. The Pom Sweater Dog Hat has a wrap around neck, so it keeps your dogs neck warm and helps to keep the hat on snug even if your dog is running and playing. The toggle is adjustable for a good fit.  And the Pom on the top is just so heckin' cute!

2. Woolly Dog Hat and Scarf Set

This is a great deal and who can pass up a matching set combo? Not your pupper. The hat is warm and snug and can be used with or without the scarf depending on the weather.  The cutest thing about this set is your dog will look just like a little human, with the fashionable cable knit design and easy adjust neck ties. A winner for the doggy fashionista. 

3. Trapper Dog Hat

Versatile, durable and so cool, the blue denim design and warm shearling lining make this hat the must have doggy hat of the season. Most suitable for dogs with floppy ears, as this hat doesn't come with ear holes for our pointy-eared furry buddies. The stitching and button detail add a look of quality to this winter dog hat.  The velcro adjustable chin strap helps keep the Trapper Dog Hat on snug as a bug. 

4. Panda Dog Hat

If you are looking for a touch of novelty in your winter dog hat, look no further than the Panda Dog Hat!  If your dog is as cute as a button, then the sweet furry panda design will bring out the inner cutie-pie in your pooch. This hat is great for winter and will be great for the Halloween season as well.  Adjustable and warm, this hat is a great choice for dogs with floppy ears. 

5. Knitted Sun Hat

Just because it's snowy outside, it doesn't mean that the sun won't shine on your little fur baby. The Knitted Sun Hat is great for winter walks, because it will provide warmth and comfort during the winter months, and will help to keep the sun's rays from getting in your dog's eyes.  Ear holes make this hat suitable for dogs with all sorts of ear types. The sizing is on the small side, so check the table to make sure it will fit on your pooch. 

6. Shearling Dog Cap with Ears

Super warm with gorgeously soft fleece lining, this hat will keep all the icy winter winds from bothering your doggy.  Great for a dog with short fur and will look really cool on Pitbulls, Beagles and Pugs.  Because this hat comes with ears on top of the head, it is better for dogs with floppy ears as it will be more comfortable. Velcro straps will keep the dog's hat on snug. 

7. Striped Knitted Dog Hat, Scarf and Leg Warmers

Looking for a way to keep your dog warm and have a load of fun in the process?  This is the way to go! A matching hat, scarf and leg warmers in super cute striped colors will make your dog the hit of the dog park.  Nothing says diva like a matching combo set and if your dog likes to stand out from the crowd, this is the time to shine. Put this set on and pom pom your way to perfection. 

8. Dog Gray Pattern Winter Hat

We love the modern twist on this winter woolly hat, with the gray pattern that is easy to clean and will keep the snow and wind off your dog's hat. The hat is furry and warm on the inside, and the double layer will add warmth and comfort to your dog's winter wardrobe. Looks great with puffy coats and modern look trench coats. The toggle helps to size the hat to your dog's head and keeps it snug for even the most robust runs and playtime fun. 

9. Rubie's Santa Dog Hat

Smack bang in the middle of winter is the festive season, so no list of top 10 witner dog hats would be complete without adding a bit of Christmas cheer.  So our shout out to the festive season is the Rubie's Santa Dog Hat.  What we love about it is this hat can be worn by all dogs, whether they have pointy-ears and floppy ears.  And the strap to keep the hat on is all floofy, which makes it look like a Santa beard!  The perfect costume for Christmas and the best way for your dog to light up the neighborhood during the festive season. 

10. Fashion Baseball Cap

As much as we love winter, the beautiful scenes and fun in the snow, all good things must come to an end.  And the Fashion Baseball Cap is the perfect hat to take your dog from winter the spring.  The heavy material will provide warmth and protection from the wind, and the visor is great to keep the sun off your eyes.  The pom on the top adds a touch of winter to this hat. 


So happy hunting for the perfect dog hat! And if you want a giggle, check out some funny ones here. If you would like any help and assistance finding a dog hat that will suit your dog, feel free to email contactus@furbabeez.com and we can chat about the options. 



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