10 Best Dog Jackets for Winter and why.

With the winter season upon us and the snow falling in many parts of the country, outdoor walks with your dog can be super chilly.  While dogs have their fur as protection against the cold, in chilly wind conditions, fur may not be enough to protect your dog from the cold temperatures.  Especially for some very short hair breeds.

When your dog is exposed to cold temperatures, they risk getting a condition known as hypothermia.  PetMD says that hypothermia can occur when


  1. Exposure to cold for a long time
  2. Wet fur and skin
  3. Submersion in cold water for long time
  4. Shock
  5. Anesthesia given for a long duration

So when your pooch is out for their winter walk, cold rain and snow can increase their risk of hypothermia. 

That is why you need a quality dog coat, to keep your dog snug and warm and reduce their risks of cold exposure.

We have compiled a list of our best dog jackets for winter and included some of the most useful features to note when choosing the right dog jacket for your dog. 

1. 2 in 1 Snowsuit

This dog snowsuit is an oldie, but a goodie, for so many reasons and it is always a best seller for winter.  The soft poly-fill & insulated nylon fabric mimics all the features of down, which is great for warmth, however unlike down, it will retain its warming properties even when wet. The snowsuit can also be transformed into the perfect dog winter jacket, when you remove the arms and legs and hood. 

Zippers make the snowsuit easy to put on and take off and it is machine washable if your precious pooch decides to romp through the mud and make a mess.  

Definitely the best snowsuit for larger breed dogs for winter.

2. Active Fleece Striped Dog Coat

This dog coat is a new addition to the store and already gaining in popularity by those who have worn it.  There is no denying that fleece is a super warm fabric, but unlike down which can be heavy and stuffy insulated nylons, fleece is a lovely breathable fabric and very light to wear.  This makes it perfect for dogs who have a bit more fur and need only a lighter barrier against the cold.  Also if your dog is a bit resistant to clothes in general, but you are worried about their cold exposure, a fleece dog coat would be an excellent compromise. 

This vest has a high cut belly for comfort, easy access zippers and buttons and generous armholes.  

All these features make it the best dog coat for dogs who aren't very comfortable in clothes but need a bit of extra warmth. 

3. Alpine Flannel Dog Coat

If you are the outdoorsy type, this is undoubtably the best hunting dog vest for winter. There is a reason why flannel has been a favourite choice for many years, and that is because it is an extremely versatile natural fabric that is perfect for winter.  Unlike it's synthetic cousins like fleece, nylon and poly-fill, flannel has the ability to wick moisture from the surface of the body.  That means that it can keep you cool in warmer temperatures and warm in colder temperatures.  Pretty awesome, right?! 

So flannel is a great product for keeping your dog warm, but making sure they don't overheat if they get too active running around or joining in at the hunting lodge. 

There are also reflective panels on the dog vest, so you can have extra visibility on your dog for safety. 

4. Featherlite Reversible Reflective Dog Puffer Vest

This dog puffer vest is the best of both worlds, fashion and functionality.  A puffer vest is a great choice for lightweight warmth and comfort.  This jacket is so sleek and light that your dog won't even know they are wearing it. The lightweight fill is waterproof and provides a great barrier to wind, so pop this on your dog when the wind is howling and the drizzle is coming in. The reflective strips will ensure your dog is visible to car lights and there is a convenient zippy leash hole for walks. 

And the best thing about it, is that you get two for the price of one!  If you get tired of one colour, turn it inside out for a whole new look! There are so many color options available, you will definitely find one that you love. 

5. Faux Leather Bomber Dog Coat and Harness

This dog coat is one of the highlights of the season for fashionability and we can barely keep it on the shelves because it is so damn cute. The faux leather and wool lining gives this coat the perfect vintage feel and is a trendy must have for a winter stroll at the markets or in the park.  The coat doubles as a dog harness and comes with a matching leash. 

This one is definitely the best dog jacket for winter if you want your pooch to win the fashions on the field. 

6. Combo Knit Designer Dog Jacket

Do you have a squat shaped dog, like a Bulldog, Frenchie or a Pug?  Are you sick of finding them clothes that fit around the chest but trail behind them because they are too long? Well, this dog coat is the answer to your prayers. There is a very nifty design feature in this coat called "Elasto-fit" which means that the body of the dog jacket can expand up to 33% extra.  Which is perfect for those dogs with the big barrel chests that don't fit well into narrow dog coats. Yay!

This coat is also super pretty, with the cable knit hoodie with fur lining.  It also comes with reflective panels for safety.  Your little pooch will love this dog jacket for their winter walks. 

7. Swiss Alpine Ski Dog Vest

There is a reason that we keep featuring this dog vest on all our promo materials, and it is because it is so well made and just so good looking! Hip Doggie makes some magnificent products and this one is no exception. 

This dog vest is perfect for the pooch who is heading upto the snow lodge this winter or accompanying their hoomans on some cross country skiing. The fur trimmed hood and fleece lining are super warm and the finish will match your ski outfits for the season. 

8. Nor'easter Dog Blanket Coat

If your fur baby is a doggy traditionalist, this is the coat for them. This is a great no fuss dog coat, because the velcro fasteners at the neck and under the belly are easy to put on and for dogs who don't like to be too constricted by their clothes, the dog blanket coat is a great option. This coat is machine washable and has a thick fleece lining for warmth. 

And how could we do a best dog coat list without including at least one plaid option? Well, we couldn't.  But the best thing about this blanket coat is, if you get sick of the plaid look, just turn it over for a plain sombre hue. Perfect!

9. Quilted Thermal Dog Parka

Our most popular dog coat for the winter is the Zack & Zoey Quilted Thermal Dog Parka.  The quilted water resistant outer shell and the fur trimmed hood are designed so beautifully, this parka will turn heads when your dog is out and about.  And this coat is serious about keeping out the cold.  The filler is made from MPET thermal fabric, which is the same fabric that is used for space thermal blankets.  So the cold won't be getting in to harm your dog in this dog parka! 

10. Trekking Dog Jacket

This dog jacket is for the Sporty Spice of the family. The Gooby Trekking Dog Jacket is perfect for winter joggers, or dogs that accompany their hoomans on hikes or running with bikes. You can cinch close the waist to keep it from flapping in the wind and the sleek design is great for a dog on the move.  The dog jacket is lined with fleece for breathability and it comes in a range of great bright colors. The sturdy reinforced D-Ring will resist wear and tear and let your dog run in style. 


So if one of these options took your fancy, jump into the store now and check out the range of color and size options.  And remember, keep your dog rugged up for the winter and protected from the cold. 




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