Converse Dog Shoes - Pink Denim Camo Print

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  • Converse Dog Shoes - Pink Denim Camo Print, Pet Clothes, Furbabeez, [tag]

Converse Dog Shoes - Pink Denim Camo Print

10 in stock
  • Dogs will look hip and fabulous in these kickin Converse Dog Shoes - Pink Denim Camo Print!

    Converse Dog Shoe Features:

    • Cool print design 
    • Lace up sneakers
    • Rubber soles
    • 4 shoes 

    Why We Love It:

    Every dog with a strong fashion sense needs a pair of quality athletic shoes. These Converse dog sneakers are designed with a cool and easy to leopard print denim look in a striking contrast with the white laces and soles. These tennis shoes are easy to put on and to take off.

    Please note:  This product has very small sizing.  Not suitable for large dogs.  Make sure to measure your dogs paws before purchase.  Place paw on a piece of paper, trace around the edge and then measure width and height.  Use the size chart to find the right shoe size for your dog. 

    Please Note: Product takes 12-20 days to ship. No Express Shipping Available. Sizes run small. Check size guide and measure pet for fit.

    Size Guide:

    To measure: Put a piece of paper under your dogs paw when they are standing. Trace around the outside of the paw with a pen. Measure the length and width of the paw. Minus 0.2 inch for fur.

    X- Small: Length - 1.41", Width - 1.06" 

    Small:  Length - 1.57", Width - 1.18" 

    Medium:  Length - 1.69", Width - 1.34"

    Large:  Length - 1.93", Width - 1.57"

    X-Large:  Length - 2.24", Width - 1.39"